United States seeks a UN Human rights place in next election

The US has decided to enter the race for a permanent seat at the UN Human rights commission later this year. It states that the vacuum created by the US absence is negative.

US to vie for a UN Human rights seat 

The US secretary Antony Blinken has said his country will vie for a permanent position on the UN Human rights commission soon. This is a recent resolve by the administration of President Biden towards embracing Multilateralism and moving away from ex-president Donald Trump's America First slogan. Although the US states that the council is 'flawed'. 

It claims that the absence of the US has claimed a huge gap of leadership that needs to be filled quickly. It says some 'nations' had abused their privileges in the council with their undemocratic agenda. The council currently has Eritrea, Venezuela, China, Uzbekistan, and Russia as members. 

The US accuses members of not doing enough 

Their membership has been roundly criticized by Americans because of various problems of abuse in their home country. 'It is with gladness that I announce that American will press forward for election to the council at the next available opportunity. We are seeking the support of all UN members when the seat is available. 

The elections into the position will take place during the Assembly meeting in October. The new term is expected to be from 2022 till 2024. However, till the election takes place, America will be an observer. '' The US needs to reinforce its commitment to rid the world of human rights abuse from countries with dictatorial tendencies, also the stance of the UN towards Israel needs to be revisited '' Secretary Blinken ended. 

Although past President Donald Trump has insisted the US doesn't have anything to do with the council which he labeled as biased towards Israel, the new administration is taking another approach to get involved directly. While the influence of the US, if it gets elected, isn't obvious, it is expected they will be active.

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