Ghana welcomes supply of Covax-scheme vaccine

A COVID-19 scheme initiated by WHO and Gavi was delivered to Ghana on Wednesday. The aim is to get vaccines to developing countries as much as possible. 

Ghana gets new supplies of COVID-19 vaccines 

 Ghana is the first nation to get the Comvax vaccine via the sharing scheme initiative. A supply of about 650,000 does of AstraZeneca vaccine was delivered to Accra. According to government officials, the first volunteers will be medics and health workers.

 This scheme aims to close the gap between wealthy and developing countries, which can't afford vaccines. The scheme plans to give more than 2.5 billion vaccines worldwide before the year runs out. Ghana, with a population of more than 32 million has been chosen as a recipient because it gave assurances that it will administer the vaccine very fast. Administration of the vaccines is expected to begin in Ghana early next week. 

Health workers and aged citizens will receive vaccines first 

Health staff and people over 55 years, and those with serious illness have been out in a pole position to get the vaccines ahead of others. Also, it is pertinent that government officials are vaccinated to show the populace that the vaccine is safe. The doses given to Ghana were packaged by the Institute of Serum in India and developed by Oxford University.

The jab has been approved by WHO, however, its supply to Ghana was not part of a trial. These vaccines given to poorer countries are funded by donations from NGOs and other health agencies. Aside from supplying vaccines, they are also helping local communities in training medical staff and providing better Healthcare.

This initiative came after heavy criticism trailed the G7 summit where wealthy nations were slammed for getting more vaccines than they need. However, most of the western nations placed those orders without knowing the potency of such vaccines. Britain has ordered more than 500 million vaccines which means it will have lots of leftovers.