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The Verlen Kruger Memorial 2015

Our Quest:

Joy-Knowledge- Empowerment-Freedom-Love-Appreciation

Our Mission:

To help inspire a personal connection to wilderness through water travel and water conservation by keeping the Spirit of Verlen Kruger's incredible story, traveling technique and love of clean waterways and wild places alive and strong for future generations.

Our Motivation:

This Great Mother Earth we all call home and all the precious gifts that grow up from her.

We all have a vested interest in a clean and healthy environment. The Verlen Kruger Memorial is dedicated to help in the ever growing awareness of man's important roll in keeping our waterways healthy. Verlen knew that the best way to understand something was to immerse himself in it; he spent over half of his life perfecting methods for that immersion and always encouraged others to do the same. Our organization is set up to help anyone interested find this same immersion and personal knowledge by offering activities and opportunities to further personal understanding and love of our environment.

The Verlen Kruger Memorial was originally set up to raise funds for the purpose of putting a bronze statue of Verlen on the bank of the Grand River in Portland Michigan. In just over 5 years we have been able to raise about $40,000 to erect the statue and make major improvements to the site around Verlen's statue. We still have some work to do to complete the original site plan and complete the building phase of the Verlen Kruger Memorial.

Artist, Derek Rainey unvailing the bronze of Verlen